Video Surveillance

Many criminals are experts at spotting of wasted efforts.


Did you know that most existing camera systems take useless footage? Simply having video cameras is not enough to deter theft or vandalism. Cameras placed improperly record the tops of heads, shadows, and grainy blurs. Many criminals are experts at spotting these wasted efforts.

Our people know how to evaluate your space and install the right equipment in the right areas to maximize deterrence. And if a situation does occur, you will have the hard evidence that gets criminals caught.

Let us show you what how the right experience makes all the difference.


Never subcontracted! Every person you speak to or meet is a EAST COAST employee responsible and accountable for your complete satisfaction. EAST COAST technicians are experienced, licensed, and insured. We offer our employees full-time benefits, health insurance, and fleet transportation.

Your business comes first! We will work around your hours and schedule to ensure discretion and achieve minimal disruption to workflow. Camera systems can be scaled up or down for any size area to be covered. We work cleanly and we remove and recycle all waste material from your jobsite.


We provide a range of cameras to meet your business's requirements...interior or exterior, day or night observation, full-time or motion-record. Systems can be closed-circuit, networked through onsite computers, or even remote-accessed by password over your internet connection.

We can wire your job from the ground up, or retrofit existing facilities. We offer industry leading equipment for reliability and top performance.